Do Your Staff Need First Aid Training?

As an employer, you will understand the importance of having staff with the appropriate training. Not only is this normally a legal requirement but it is vital for keeping everyone on your premises safe. Naturally, you will do everything possible to avoid workplace accidents but it is inevitable that at some stage there will be an incident that requires medical attention and when that happens you must have the people to deal with it. You will certainly want to call for an ambulance if the situation is serious enough but it will take time for the ambulance to arrive and you cannot leave a seriously hurt employee untreated for that long.

You must have people on your site who have a valid first aid qualification to provide urgent assistance when and where it is needed, in a workplace setting the qualification they will need is HLTAID003. They can, with HLTAID003, provide first aid to the patient and prevent their condition deteriorating while they are waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

What does an HLTAID003 qualification cover?

The HLTAID003 first aid qualification is required in all workplaces and includes HLTAID001 and HLTAID002 which deal with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic emergency life support. Completing this qualification will allow anyone to recognise an emergency. Participants will learn how to recognise if CPR is required and know how to operate an external defibrillator. They will be familiar with allergic reactions, abdominal injuries, crush injuries, wound care, burns, airway obstructions and managing bleeding, among other issues.

Arranging the course

If you would like your employees to undertake an HLTAID003 course then you will need to work with a recognised training provider. Many training providers can offer either training at your premises or at their site whichever is more convenient for you. It is best to discuss with the training provider the number of people that you would like to complete the course and how soon you will need the training to be completed. They will be happy to explain how their regime works and how they can accommodate your requirements, many even offer evening or weekend training if needed.

How long will the qualification last?

Upon completion of the HLTAID003 course, participants will receive a Statement of Attainment which is valid for three years before the student will need to have their knowledge refreshed. To remain current the CPR component of the course will need to be refreshed every year.