Do Your Staff Need First Aid Training?

As an employer, you will understand the importance of having staff with the appropriate training. Not only is this normally a legal requirement but it is vital for keeping everyone on your premises safe. Naturally, you will do everything possible to avoid workplace accidents but it is inevitable that at some stage there will be an incident that requires medical attention and when that happens you must have the people to deal with it. [Read More]

Learning how to do poolside first aid

As the recent tragic events in a WA home daycare show, it's vital for anyone with a pool to know how to perform first aid on a child if they fall into a pool. Here are some first aid tasks that anyone with a pool should be confident in doing while seeking emergency care.  Performing CPR One of the most vital things you should know as a pool owner is how to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, also known as " [Read More]